Monday, July 8, 2013

This is my very first ghost story / urban legend / schoolyard spine-chiller which I was told by Matthias, a nine-year-old kid from my neighbourhood.

"Once, there was a little girl named Maria, who had a guinea pig. One day, the pig was found dead in the garden. Since she loved her pet very much, Maria was very sad. Upset with their daughter's loss, Maria's parents bought her a book with fairy tales. When Maria opened her gift some days later, she read a story about a strange, obese man with a long thin head. She read the tale until she fell asleep. After hearing some noises from her closet in the middle of the night, Maria woke up. Having opened the closet's doors, she saw a huge, bulging shadow of a human body with a thin, lanky head. „Do you miss your friend?“ the thing asked in a hollow, whistling voice. Maria was frightened, but she nodded. „Do you want her to come back or would you like to visit her ?“ the creature asked again. More afraid than ever, Maria shook her head. The black shape made a whistling sound, then started vomiting something from its fat belly. In a pile of warm ooze, it disgorged Maria's guinea pig into the girl's hands, alive and quivering. Maria quickly returned to her bed and crawled under the blanket, where she quickly fell asleep. The next morning, when Maria's parents asked about the noise in her room, Maria showed them her pet. Her father screamed in fear, because he had killed the guinea pig by stepping on it."

What do you think about it ?

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